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  • Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B3GX60-400K (LF 3/3)
  • Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B3GX60-400K (LF 3/3)
  • Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B3GX60-400K (LF 3/3)
Product name:

Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B3GX60-400K (LF 3/3)


Product parameters

3B3GX 60K-400K

Product introduction

  3B3GX 60K-400K is based on double conversion on-line intelligent UPS. It contains a number of advanced technology in the UPS field, with 12 pulse rectifier technology. now can be 8 sets of UPS in parallel directly, different capacity can be in parallel, parallel system can share battery pack, annular communication line parallel is our unique feature. Parallel is simple and convenient, has strong flexibility.It is designed for industrial manufacture environment. Key components in redundancy design adopt advanced industrial power device, superior performance of SPWM inverter and the international advanced technology such as intelligent multi-mode battery management technology, and plenty of power management software, has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building material, glass, electronics, automobile and other fields.


AC power supply of precise instrument

Network, Communication system, AC power supply in automatic control system

Suitable for industrial control systems, industrial automation, intelligent precision equipment and manufacturing process

Enterprise, Branch of major enterprise,bank

Key Feature

Efficiency and Reliable

•Double DSP full digital control and high precision, faster operation

•Standard output isolation transformer, with low frequency design, have more ability to resist impact load and provide short circuit protection .

•Meet the national standards of EMC, reduce and avoid all kinds of interference, ensure the pure power.

Intelligent Management

•SNMP/MODBUS/DRY CONTACT/USB and other communication mode are optional

• With function of self-diagnosis when power on, find and prevent fault in time

• Alarm from Mobile APP, We-Chat remote management, SMS and others.

Flexible and easy to use

• LCD display, friendly human-computer interface, real-time monitoring, convenient to operate

• support up to 8pcs in parallel, different capacity UPS in parallel, can share the battery pack, has strong flexibility

• Perfect network monitor program, with feature of real-time monitor and self diagnosis, intelligent inquiry, auto-alarm and auto-record

Capacity60kVA80kVA100kVA120kVA160kVA200kVA 250kVA 300kVA 400kVA 
Input features
Pulse rectifier66/12
Voltage range(Vac)380/400/415VAC±15%(±25%)
Frequency range(HZ)40—70Hz Automatically select synchronization range according to grid frequency
Bypass synchronous range (Hz) 50±5%(±10% for optional)
Battery voltage(VDC)384
Battery Quantity(PCS) 30-34 can be adjusted
Output features
Power Factor0.8/0.9
Voltage(V)L-N:220±1% L—L:380±1%
100% three-phase load unbalanced voltage stability  ≤2%,allow 100% unbalanced
Frequency(HZ)Mains normal,track mains frequency;Mains abnormal,50±0.2%
Transfer time(ms)0
Parallel operation mode(parallel) 4 sets in parallel
WaveformLinear Load THD<3%;Non-linear Load THD<5%
Overload125% load keep 10 min,150% load keep1min
Peak Factor>3:1
Manual maintenance bypass with no transfer time bypass maintenance switch
Communication function14 contact signal for selecting,output 12Vdc 80mA ,RS232 / RS485 interface, SNMP can be chosen for assembly to achieve UPS intelligent supervisory control.
Display7 inches touchable LCD
Noise (dB)<65(1m)
AlarmBattery low-voltage, mains abnormal, overload, UPS fault, over temperature protection
ProtectionInput over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
Cooling wayForced cooling
Working Temperature(℃) 0~40
Humidity0~95%,No Condensing
Size(D×W×H) (mm) 800*800*1600 1100*800*1800 1405*1113*20051605*1113*2005