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Product name:

EPS 0.5-500KVA


Product parameters

Emergency power supplyalso known as EPSis designed specifically for fire fighting equipment and specialload or lighting purposes. When the power network voltage is normal  the power supply of the electric network is directly supplied to the load by the mutual switching device of the power gridand the charger in the device can charge the battery pack.When the power supply is cut off or the power network voltage iS less than 15% or more than 10% of the rated voltagethe device will immediately switch to the inverter output power supplyBattery backup power by the inverter AC continue to provide power to the load. When the power network voltage is normal. the equipment will be restored to the power grid. In order to meet the demand of power supplythe device is equipped with a baery pack under voltage protection to remove the switch.

AC emergency power supply for all kinds of first and especially important loads in city power interruption.

For example:

• The power supply of   I kinds of important computer systems

• The work of all kinds of buildings and fire power supply

• Hospital safety power supply

• Traffic system highway  tunnel  subway  light rail  civil airport power supply.

• The power supply of the electric power systemall kinds of power supplythe power supply of the experimental equipmentrequire  the high quality power supply of the pure sine wave equipment