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  • Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B10-50K (LF 3/1)
  • Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B10-50K (LF 3/1)
Product name:

Low frequency Online Transformer Base UPS 3B10-50K (LF 3/1)


Product parameters

B10kVA-50kVA series is based on double conversion on-line intelligent UPSis designed for industrial manufacture environment.Key components in redundancy designadopt advanced industrial power device superior performance of SPWM inverter and the international advanced technology such as intelligent multi-mode battery management technologyand plenty of power management softwarehas been widely used in metallurgy chemicalindustry building material glass electronics,automobile and other fields.

• AC power supply of precise instrument

• NetworkCommunication systemAC power supply in automatic controlsystem

• Suitable for industrial controlsystemsindustrial automationintelligent precision equipment and manufacturing process

• EnterpriseBranch of major enterprisebank

Efficency and Rellable

• Double DSP full digital control and high precisionfaster operation

• Standard output isolation transformerwith low frequency designhave more ability to resist impact load and protection for short circuit

• Meet the national standards of EMCreduce and avoid all kinds of interferenceensure the pure power

Intelllgent Management

• SNMPIMODBUS/DRY CONTACTJUSB and other communication mode are optional

• With  mction of self-diagnosis when power on find and prevent fault in time

• Can alarm from Mobile APPWeChat remote managementSMS and others

Flexlble and easy to use


Model3B10K3B15K3B20K3B30K3B40K3B 50K
Input features
Input voltage(Vac)380±25%
Frequency(HZ)45~66 Automatically select synchronization range according to grid frequency
Battery voltage(VDC)384
Output features
Power factor0.8/0.9
Voltage(V)220±1%,Isolation transformer output
Frequency(HZ)50/60±0.5%(Free oscillation)
Transfer Time(ms)0
WaveformSine Wave,THD<3%
Overload125% load keep 10min,150% load keep 30s
Crest factor>3:1
Output waysTerminal Block
Manual maintenance bypasswith no transfer time bypass maintenance switch
Backup timeBattery supply life can be configured freely
Battery managementAutomatic timing/floating conversion, has battery self-testing function, automatic alarm and judge when battery abnormal
Communication functionRS232 / RS485 interface, support for power monitor software
SNMP(optional)Can be network monitored by SNMP adapter
DisplayGenaral LCD/7 inches touchable LCD
Noise (dB)<58(1m)
AlarmBattery low-voltage, mains abnormal, overload, UPS fault, over temperature protection
ProtectionInput over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
Working Temperature(ºC)0~40
Humidity0~95%,No Condensing
Size(D×W×H) (mm)680*510*1130740*560*12001040*560*1410


1. "L" is long backup UPS,"S" is standard UPS;
2. Because the products are continuously improved, please contact the company or dealer to inquiry the latest specification.