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  • Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)
  • Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)
  • Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)
  • Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)
  • Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)
Product name:

Modular UPS 3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)


Product parameters

3RW20-600K (Modular UPS)

System Introduction

• System capacity has 150KVA, 250KVA, SOOKVA and etc models, power module is 25KVA, users can choose freely according to the load

• System is for modular structure, consist of static switch module, monitoring module and N power module in parallel, module N +X redundancy, can proceed online expansion according to user requirements

• Monitor module, static switch module and power module can be online hotplug; system can be setted to 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 or 3/3 come into and outgoing line way as requirements

• Adopt master-slave parallel, multi-stage distributed control technology, no operation bottleneck, reliable performance

• All power module share battery pack ,has perfect battery management function: battery has self-discharge function, automatic floating conversion function, temperature compensation, automatic flow function

• Any power module has the balance of input, output, and charging power distribution function

• AC input adopt continuous current mode (CCM) to operate, reduce power interference (RFI/EMI)

• Shape structure meet the requirements of the industry standard, equipment is small volume, light weight, can meet the ordinary building bearing requirements

• Optional input and output isolation transformer K values

• Maintenance manual switch, C grade lightning protection module

• UPS can be used in parallel, the maximum 4 pes parallel to reach the expand demand

Key Feature

• Module structure, UPS capacity can be changed based on loads

• N+X redundancy

• Efficiency of UPS is more than 96%, environmental protection

• Friendly interface design of LCD

• Microprocessor control, self-check, battery check by itself

• Online static bypass,strong protection for overload and UPS fault

• RS232&SNMP for optional, provide remote control management

• Intelligent temperature controlled fan, long life and low noise

• MTBF is more than 200,000 hours,and MTIR is 20 minutes

3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)

3RW 25-500KVA (Modular UPS)