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  • 3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)
  • 3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)
  • 3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)
  • 3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)
  • 3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)
Product name:

3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)


Product parameters

3RW20/25/30 & 3RWM50K120-800K (Modular UPS)

System Introduction

System capacity has 150KVA、250KVA、500KVA and etc models, power module is 25KVA, users can choose freely according to the load; 

System is for modular structure, consist of static switch module, monitoring module and N power module in parallel, module N + X redundancy, can proceed online expansion according to user requirements;

Monitor module, static switch module and power module can be online hot plug; system can be setted to 1/1, 1/3, 3/1 or 3/3 come into and outgoing line way as requirements; 

Adopt master-slave parallel, multi-stage distributed control technology, no operation bottleneck, reliable performance;

All power module share battery pack ,has perfect battery management function :battery has self-discharge function, automatic floating conversion function, temperature compensation, automatic flow function ;

Any power module has the balance of input, output, and charging power distribution function;

AC input adopt continuous current mode (CCM) to operate, reduce power interference (RFI/EMI);

Shape structure meet the requirements of the industry standard, equipment is small volume, light weight, can meet the ordinary building bearing requirements;

Optional input and output isolation transformer K values

Maintenance manual switch, C grade lightning protection module.

UPS can be used in parallel ,the maximum 4 pcs parallel to reach the expand demand.


Main feature

1.Hot-swappable design
2.N+X parallel redundancy system,
3.Intelligent fan control and redundant design
4.RS232/RS485/LAN/dry contact communication port
5.SNMP adapter(optional)
6.Fully DSP control and high reliability and performance
7.Allow 100% unbalanced load
8.7 inches touchable LCD screen

9.Manual maintenance bypass switch


2.Telecom system
3.IT room
4.Financial center

5.Precision instrument

6.Commercial facility

3RW Power Modular Technical Specification  

Module ModelM20M25M30M50
Module Capacity20KVA25KVA30KVA50KVA
Input/Output WayThree phase in three phase out、three phase in single phase out、single phase in three phase out、single phase in single phase out
Module Dimension(W*D*H)mm482*465*133682*700*176
Weight(kg) 20 kg 21 kg22 kg40 kg
Input PF≥0.99
Input Total Harmonic Distortion THDI(%)≤3%

3RW System Technical Specification

Type of power moduleM20/M25/M30M50
Input mode3 Phase 4 Wires+ Ground
Input voltage(Vac)380V/220V±20%、400V/230V±20%、415V/240V±20%
Input Frequency(HZ)50Hz±10%、60Hz±10%
Input PF≥0.99
Battery voltage(Vdc)±384±240
Battery quantity(Pcs)6432-44 (can be adjusted)
UPS Power Factor1.0/0.9/0.80.9/1.0
Output Voltage(Vac)380/220V、400/230V、415/240V
Output Frequency(HZ)50Hz±4%;Mains overrun or battery mode output is 50Hz±0.2%60Hz±4%;Mains overrun or battery mode output is 60Hz±0.2%
Output voltage Stability±1%(Static);±2%(Load change from 0 ~ 100% ) 
Efficiency (AC mode @ full loads)≥94%≥96.5%
Output voltage recovery time<20ms(Load change from 0 - 100% )
OverloadRated Load 125% ,runs 10min
Communication functionRS232/RS485/422/ dry contact/TCP/IP Expansion cards
SMMP(optional)Can be network monitored by SNMP adapter
Parallel functionYes(for optional)
Storage Environment Temperature-25℃~60℃
Working Environment Temperature-5℃~40℃
IP ClassIP31
CoolingSpeed controlled air cooling
Noise(dB)≤55dB(Within 1 meter)
Structure19 inches Standard
Monitor Management SystemUPSupervisor
DisplayTouchable screen LCD/LED
Weight (Kg)180KG250KG450KG250KG400KG500KG540KG

Note1, Because the products are continuously improved, please contact the company or dealer to inquiry the latest specification.