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Product name:

Air Conditioner 5.5-101KW


Product parameters

Coolsmart Air Conditioner

Product Introduction

Coolsmart special  air conditioner  room is aimed at small and medium-sized roombase  station equipment  room and other places  designed and developed special room air conditioner products   Coolsmart specifically is designed for the equipments  that have a high requireπ1ents for the environmentwith  the characteristics of large air volumeand high reliabilitylong lifehigh efficiency  and saving energy.


• 3g/4g base station

• small and medium-sized database

• all kinds of outdoor room

• center substationsubstation between equipments

• small and medium-sized  communication room

• certain requirements  of equipment  for the temperature

• small and medium-sized computer  room

• small and medium-sized warehouse  laboratory (according to the specific  requirements  for customization)