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  • EPS 0.5-800KW
  • EPS 0.5-800KW
Product name:

EPS 0.5-800KW


Product parameters

Main feature    

1.Wide input voltage range    

2.Digital control technology     

3.High IP level, applied to harsh grid conditions and generators    

4.Overload ability,strong anti-interference ability    

5.Human nature of network management    


1.Traffic system    

2.Industrial equipment    

3.Steel factory    

4.Fire fighting equipment    


ModelYJ seriesYJS series
Capacity range0.5KW-10KW2.2KW-800KW
Input voltagethree phase 380V/single phase 220V ±25%380±20%
Input Phasethree phase four wires/single phase two wiresthree phase four wires +Ground
Input frequency50HZ±5%50HZ±5%
Output voltage220±5%380V/220V±5%
Output waveformsinewave,distortion≤3%sinewave,distortion≤3%
Output frequency50HZ±5%(emergency response time)50HZ±5%(emergency response time)
Transfer time<0.2s<100ms
Waveformsine wave(emergency response time)sine wave(emergency response time)
same as the mains at normal timessame as the mains at normal times
Emergency supply time90 minutes(for optional)60/90/120 minutes(for optional)
Overload capacityworking normal with 120% load
Protectionbattery over charging and discharging,output under voltage,over current,short circuit and over temperature protectionbattery over charging and discharging,output under voltage,over current,short circuit,lack of phase and over temperature protection
Noiseno noise in mains mode,<55dB in emergency supply timeno noise in mains mode,<60dB in emergency supply time
Relative humidity0-90%,no condensing0-90%,no condensing
Temperature -24℃-40℃ -24℃-40℃
altitudeunder 2000munder 2000m