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  • Industrial UPS 10-120K
Product name:

Industrial UPS 10-120K


Product parameters

Industrial electric level UPS

Main feature

1.Wide input voltage range
2.Digital control technology 
3.High IP level, applied to harsh grid conditions and generators
4.Overload ability,strong anti-interference ability
5.Human nature of network management
6.Input/output isolation transformer internal


1.Coal mine industry
2.Industrial equipment
3.Steel factory
4.Highway transportation

5.Petrochemical industry



Voltage input(Vac)Three-phase three-wire+ground wire 380Vac±20%
Frequency input(HZ)50Hz±5%
Rectifying way6 pulse uncontrolled rectifier12 pulse controlled rectifier
Power Factor0.8(lag)
Output Voltage(Vac)220-240Vac
WaveformSPWM sine wave
Frequency tracking rangeRange 50Hz±5%
Output voltage accuracy±1%
Frequency output50Hz±0.5
WaveformLinear Load THD<2%;Non-linear Load THD<3.5%
Crest Factor≥3:1
Current-unbalance under parallel mode≤5%
Overload125% load keep 10minutes,150% load keep 20 seconds
Dynamic voltage drop range≤3.5%
Recovery time≤40ms
Temperature and Humidity0-40℃/20-95%
Communication functionRS232/RS485
Dry contactYes
ProtectionInput over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection(optional)
Size(D×W×H) (mm)800*800*18001100*800*1800


1, Because the products are continuously improved, please contact the company or dealer to inquiry the latest specification.