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  • Offline UPS-SL series
  • Offline UPS-SL series
  • Offline UPS-SL series
Product name:

Offline UPS-SL series


Product parameters

Product introduction

SL series UPS applies CPU integrated control technology with pure sine wave output. Its input voltage range is wide and its transfer speed is fast. It prossesses automatic voltage regulation function and different charging current is optional. Long backup time models are available, which can be connected to external batteries as per user's actual need, so back up time will be unlimited.


1, Double CPU controlled

2, Silence function

3, Pure sine wave output

4, Compatible with generator

5, Automatically transferred to battery mode when input over voltage or under voltage

6, Output overload and short circuit protection

7, Can be connected to external battery for longer power supply

8, Powerful charging current for high-capacity battery

9, RJ11/RJ45, communication line protection function

10, RS232/USB port(optional), intelligent monitoring function


Offline UPS-SL series

Offline UPS-SL series