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  • Online Transformerless UPS W1-20K (HF 1/1 & 3/1)
  • Online Transformerless UPS W1-20K (HF 1/1 & 3/1)
Product name:

Online Transformerless UPS W1-20K (HF 1/1 & 3/1)


Product parameters

Product Introduction

High frequency W1KVA-3KVA series is based on double conversion on-line intelligent UPSit adopts advanced DSP digital control technology has functions of higher output performance indicators and a number of innovative design featuresis the ideal solution for small-capacity power supply scenarioscan fully eliminate all kinds of power grid problem. Support for tower installationbuilt-in battery.


• Enterprise8ranch of mr enterprisebank

• NetworkCommunication systemAC power supply in automatic control system

• AC power supply of precise instrument

• SupermarketHomeOffice and other AC power supply

Key Feature

Efficiencyand Reliable

• Super wide input voltagereduce the number of battery discharge effectively.extend the battery life

• On-line double conversion technology  provide stable and reliable power supply to customers

Intelligent Management

• SNMP/MOD8US/DRY CONTACT/US8 and other communication mode are optional

• Support for delay power 0'  shut down the computer application system and operate system with 

safety timely

• With function of self-diagnosis when power on find and prevent fault in time

• Can alarm from Mobile APPWeChat remote managementSMS and others.

Flexible and easy to use

• LCD displayfriendly human-computer interface real-time monitoringconvenient to operate

• 8uilt-in batteryconvenient and easy to use