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  • W /3W 1-20KVA
  • W /3W 1-20KVA
  • W /3W 1-20KVA
  • W /3W 1-20KVA
Product name:

W /3W 1-20KVA


Product parameters

Product Introduction

W/3W 1kVA-20kVA series is based on double conversion on-line intelligent UPS, it adopts advanced DSP digital control technology, has functions of higher output performance indicators and a number of innovative design features, with feature of small volume, light weight, low calorific value and etc, collect AC voltage regulator, back-up power and peak surge absorption in together, meet the harsh power environment protection.

Main feature

1.Full digital control technology
2.Output power factor up to 1.0
3.LCD display panel
4.RS232 communication port
5.Intelligent SNMP+USB+EPO+dry contact (optional)
6.High power density design
7.AC/AC efficiency up to 95%

8.ECO function


1.Data center 
2.Network device
3.Commercial facility
4.Precision instrument

5.Home, Office and other AC power supply


Input features
Voltage(Vac)120VAC~300VAC120-288(1/1)/266-475(3 /1)
PhaseSingle phaseSingle phase/3φ4W+PE
Power FactorFull load ≥0.95Full load ≥0.98
Battery voltage(Vdc)24/3672/7272/96192/240
Battery type2*7Ah 12V/External6*7Ah 12V/External6*7Ah 12V/External16*7Ah 12V/ExternalExternal
Output features
Power factor10.9/1.0
Frequency(HZ)50/60±0.05%(battery mode)
Transfer Time(ms)0
Efficiency (AC mode @ full loads)≥92%≥93%
WaveformSine Wave,Linear Load THD<3%;Non-linear Load THD<5%
Overload105%~129% full load keep 60s;130%~150% load keep 30s;
Above 150% load keep 300ms
Crest Factor>3:1
Output socket EU/IEC/UK( optional) Terminal block
DC startYes
Backup timeNormally 5-8 mins/Long time need to depend on demands
Communication functionRS232(USB/dry contact are optional)
SNMP(optional)Can be network monitored by SNMP adapter
DisplayLED display UPS work status, LCD display UPS work parameters
Noise (dB)<50(within 1 meter)<55(within 1 meter)
Parallel functionNoYes(optional)
AlarmBattery low-voltage, mains abnormal, overload, UPS fault, over temperature protection
ProtectionInput over-voltage protection, battery under-voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection
Working temperature(℃)0~40
Humidity0~95%,Non condensing
Size(D×W×H) (mm)355*145*226402*190*326500*248*616(S &3/1)/500*240*460(L)500*248*616
Weight(KG)12/1026/1927/2052/2158/25(1/1 )


  1. L is long backup UPSS is standard UPS

  2. Because the products are continuously improved, please contact the company or dealer to inquiry the latest specification.