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UPS Applied In Medical Industry

Jun. 01, 2021 Share:

UPS Applied In Medical Industry

With the increasing popularity of intelligent and digital medical industry, information construction has become crucial in the medical system. The construction of Internet medical information system has been vigorously carried out in medical units all over the country. In addition to the uninterrupted power supply, the medical information system is also required to be green, energy-saving, stable and reliable.

Recently, Reros integrated micromodule machine room product (20 cabinets with double row of cold channel) has been applied in the data room of a hospital in Xinjiang. Now, the project has been installed and tested completely and officially put into use, and has been unanimously recognized and praised by users.Besides, the company has won the "Excellent Data Center Award", "Green and Environmental Protection Products" and other related honorary titles issued by relevant institutions.


1. High Availability

Closed linear system, prevent interference of strong and weak electricity, Reros micro module integration product monitoring wiring groove and skylight formed an organic whole, on both sides of skylight for monitoring cable wiring groove protection, fully enclosed strength wire slot cabinets using fast mounting bracket is fixed at the top of the 100 mm, not relying on the cabinet top for easy cable management, fully enclosed slot to prevent interference.

The skylight has buffering and anti - impact.

2. Safe And Reliable

Data center power distribution and refrigeration system in accordance with the national standard room design.

UPS power supply adopts modular N+X redundancy design to improve system reliability.

3. High Adaptability

Independent research and development production, unified appearance and beautiful, UPS, air conditioning, cabinet appearance consistent, with the base, wiring system, cold channel perfect combination.

All down the skylight, reduce the room floor height requirements.

4. Optimize Input Cost

Green energy saving, PUE less than 1.3, UPS and horizontal air supply air conditioning are placed next to the cabinet, can be nearby power supply, refrigeration, reduce energy consumption, low load and high efficiency modular UPS, with a load rate of 27% efficiency up to 95%.

5. Intelligent Management

Automatic door, improve safety, can choose 21.5 inch touch screen, convenient operation.